The Prophecy

Agneza has read this prophecy.  It is said to have been written by Cleopatra herself as told to her by the First Oracle at Delphi.  Others may know the second stanza only, mostly as a nursery rhyme.

Their kin call then flee before / Turning do not close the door / Eschew the Art and draw their sword / Flee their sin to stay secure.

Signs of coming you shall know / Hottest burning winds will blow / Earth will quake in fear below / Water hides and does not flow.

Gods of light in darkness hide / Gods of good shall sin abide / Temples crack, collapse, subside / Priests of man lie dead inside.

So the Great Ones come at last / Bring to us the ancient past / No more faith in Gods hold fast / The Great Ones all arrive at last.

Great Ones orgy, blood, and fire / Fulfilled evil souls desire / They grow sated, soon retire / For in the darkness men conspire.

To bring an end to evil’s rule / Find the King who’s now the Fool / Find the Queen who rests in jewels / Find the Sword that’s now a tool.

Three together close the gate / Three together mark the place / Great Ones stayed by Royal Grace / Bound in Time and Bound in Space.